Materials and Resources

Since the project set a goal to achieve the Living Building Challenge Materials Petal, the team also put a heavy emphasis on the LEED Materials and Resources credits.


Construction Waste Management

95% of construction waste was diverted from landfills through recycling, composting, take-back programs, and salvage donations. See the Construction Waste Management Plan that guided the process here.


Long-Term Commitment

The Summit Foundation signed a 10-year lease which will help to reduce waste from construction demolition over short tenant life-cycles.


Building Product Disclosure and Optimization

A number of resources for product selection were used, including the product lists from Living Building Case Studies and a combination of the following databases: Declare, UL, Pharos, and ARCOM (formerly Green Wizard). Nearly all products were transparent about 100% of their material ingredients.

22% of products (from 5 different manufacturers) used had raw material source extraction reports.

  • 100% of wood products had vendor Chain of Custody certificate numbers with FSC certification
  • Salvaged materials included wood doors (pictured below).
  • The total recycled content was 72% by cost.

The sustainable criteria value as a percentage of total materials cost was 30%.