Responsible Industry

The team focused on using as many Declare Label products as possible, however, every category of product is not yet represented in the database. Therefore, we found other products with Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) as a starting point for non-Declare Label products. These manufacturers tend to have more information and data for their products. Wood for cabinets, doors, casework, wall finishes, furniture, and acoustic ceilings mostly came from a single supplier, Sierra Pine, that has FSC wood readily available. Multiple conversations with the manufacturers, distributors and suppliers were required to make sure that we would get correct product that would meet the LBC requirements. The construction team searched all over Washington, D.C. for salvaged wood and other salvaged materials, and eventually found some doors and other wood on another construction site that they were able to save from being sent to the landfill. For the stone used on site, since there are not yet standards in place, the team sent an advocacy letter to the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association encouraging the development and enforcement of independent, third-party standards that are not funded by the industry.


More information about Declare Label Products and requirements.